BTS (Aust) Update - March 2019

    BTS (Aust) Update - March 2019
    BTS (Aust) - Australian Made and Owned! 
    Just in case you didn't know, Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) are Australian Made & Owned! In fact, all of our Braille Tactile Signs are manufactured at our head office in Ringwood Victoria.
    What does that mean?
    Outside of supporting Australian jobs and feeling good about buying Australian Made & Owned, when you deal with BTS (Aust), you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. This means that together we have complete and absolute control over your signage from start to finish. Importantly, it also means that we can ensure that the Braille Tactile Signs you receive will be of the highest quality and designed to comply with relevant Standards and Codes.
    Add Some Colour
    Go on, you can admit it: you’re sick of seeing the same old statutory toilet signs, in the same old Blue or Silver. Did you know that BTS (Aust) can supply your signs in whatever colour your heart desires? Why not try a lime-green sign? What about an electrifying yellow sign to brighten up a room? Or a digital background? All possible and easily achieved on either your Fully Custom or BTS (Aust) Standard Range order. Be sure to ask us next time!

    And don’t forget, BTS (Aust) can colour-match to any Dulux, Pantone, CMYK etc... colour that your bespoke projects may call for. 

     * Note a 30% Luminance Contrast is required between the tactile graphics and the background of the sign, and also between the sign and its mounted surface. If Luminance Contrast does not exist between the mounted surface and the BTS, a 5mm contrasting border applies; see Contrasting Borders’  for more information. 
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    Buy online, save time!
    Last year we launched the new BTS (Aust) website! With intuitive searching of our extensive BTS (Aust) Standard Range, downloadable guides for compliant installation and design, plus galleries full of BTS (Aust) signage to inspire you, we think it’s both the biggest and best Braille Tactile Sign website in the world!

    Order BTS (Aust) Standard Range Online
    Did you know that you can order the entire BTS (Aust) Standard Range straight from the website? Just head to, and in moments you could be ordering from the Largest and Most Advanced range of Braille Tactile Signs from the comfort of your office or home, or even on your phone when you’re on the job site.

    So, save time and order online!