1. Vision

    An accessible world where people who are blind or have low vision have confidence and independence when accessing all public spaces and areas.

    2. Mission

    Upholding our reputation for service and quality satisfaction at all times, our mission is to develop quality Wayfinding Signage Solutions that deliver equality, dignity, independence, and functionality to people who are blind or have low vision levels.

    3. Core Values

    Equality We strive to deliver products that maximise the independence and quality of life for people who are blind or have low vision.
    Quality We recognise the importance of quality products that are both compliant to relevant standards and codes, and are also designed to last.
    Integrity We seek to conduct all business with the utmost focus on honesty, consistency and transparency with our clients, suppliers and partners.
    Expertise We are committed to giving our customers the very best in relevant signage information and expertise, to ensure that they are selecting the right product for the job.
    Innovation We seek to lead the industry in terms of innovative product design and performance.
    Customer Service We strive to deliver friendly, fast and efficient customer service, remaining accountable, fair and dependable at all times, to ensure customers are satisfied.