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    BTS (Aust) ADA - Technology


    ADA Wayfinding Technology for Braille Tactile Signs

    At BTS (Aust) we have spent years perfecting our ADA technologies and manufacturing processes used across our Aluminium Range and specific custom Polycarbonate signs. 


    All the ADA Signs produced by BTS (Aust) feature precision cut ADA Tactile Text and Graphics, which are fully embedded into the Sign to increase strength and ensure that components can’t be easily pulled off, unlike other cheaper alternatives on the market, which commonly have Tactile Text and Graphics glued to the face of the sign. The BTS (Aust) ADA Signs also feature our industry leading Continuous Surface and Fully Encapsulated Braille Technology so you know you are getting a superior product which is designed to outperform.


    Clients can design custom signs to match the BTS (Aust) Standard Range or use this signage technology as a cost-effective option for small volume production runs, with solutions for custom finish Brushed Aluminium, Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium, Gold Brushed Aluminium and Polycarbonate Signs.



    Where Fully Custom signs are required, BTS (Aust) will work with you from start to finish to ensure your product matches your finish specifications and complies with all current Standards & Codes. 



    ADA Braille Tactile Signs features:

    ► Heavy Duty, Weather Resistant design, suitable for indoor & outdoor


    ► Precision Cut ADA Tactile Graphics & Text are fully embedded into the

    ► The signs feature superior Continuous Surface and Fully Encapsulated

    ► Vandal, fire, bacteria, graffiti & UV resistant

    ► Cost effective, lightweight and easy to install

    ► Perfect solution for cost-effective small run custom sign production

    ► Colour match to any colour. – PMS, Dulux etc.

    ► Material Options:

         ○ Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium (SNA)

         ○ Brushed Silver Aluminium 

         ○ Brushed Gold Aluminium

         ○ Aluminium Complete with Applied Colour

         ○ Polycarbonate

     ► Fully compliant with relevant Building Codes and Standards