BTS (Aust) Update - February 2018

    BTS (Aust) Update - February 2018
    Product Insight:

    Welcome to the first of many BTS (Aust) Product Insights that we will be running on a regular basis to help educate and inform you about our signage products and technologies. In this first short issue below, we are talking about our BTS (Aust) Brushed Aluminium and why we believe it's the way to go, compared to the often over specified stainless steel Braille Tactile Signs. Enjoy!

    We just don't get it. Specification after specification, drawing after drawing, we continue to see stainless steel Braille Tactile Signs being specified. While we can and often do supply these to our clients, the reality is that when you look at common stainless steel BTS vs our BTS (Aust) Brushed Aluminium Finish in terms of  design features, performance and overall value for money, the reality is that our Brushed Ali Range really is the superior alternative.

    To give you a greater understanding of our BTS (Aust) Brushed Aluminium Range and why we truly believe it's the way to go when you want a high quality metal Braille Tactile Sign, feel free to check out our presentation below.

    Kind Regards,
    Roland C Gatt
    Managing Director           
    Range Extension & New Select Price List Effective 1st March 2018
    BTS (Aust) is excited to officially announce the arrival of our NEW Extended BTS (Aust) Standard Range and Select Price List 2018. Clients can now choose from 10 Industry Leading Finishes, available across our entire BTS (Aust) Standard Range. Featuring 3 exclusive Aluminium Ranges, 6 Polycarbonate colours and Woodgrain, we have your Braille Tactile Sign needs covered. Click here to download our new Select 2018 Price List Version 1, which features some of our most common sign types. New Pricing Effective 1st March 2018.   

    Remember you can always Customise our BTS (Aust) Standard Range to your custom colour and backing requirements, and more. Or if you need something really specific, let BTS (Aust) Develop a Fully Custom signage solution manufactured to your exact specifications.