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    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust), BTS (Aust), are industry leaders in Wayfinding signage solutions. With over 40 years of expertise in signage manufacture, combined with more than 20 years of experience in the highly specialised Braille Tactile Signs (BTS) Wayfinding market, our Continuous Surface Braille Technology, including both our Polycarbonate Fully Encapsulated Membrane and Fully Embedded ADA signs, are trusted and deployed across a diverse range of markets including Health, Education, Transport, Retail, Commercial, and Government sectors.

    Experts in Wayfinding compliance, BTS (Aust) is actively involved in influencing global standards and developing signage solutions to ensure that public spaces remain equally accessible.

    Upholding our reputation for service and quality satisfaction at all times, our mission is to develop quality Wayfinding signage solutions that deliver equality, dignity, independence, and functionality to people who are blind or have low vision levels.

    The BTS (Aust) Difference

    Unlike other Braille Tactile Signage manufacturers, who use inferior methods of production or import potentially non-compliant products from overseas, at BTS (Aust) we have spent years developing and perfecting our Braille and Tactile Signage Technology and Production Processes to ensure a fully compliant, premium quality product that is designed to last.

    Our Polycarbonate signs feature the industry’s most advanced Fully Encapsulated, Continuous Surface Braille Tactile Sign Technology, with no inserted ‘add-ons’ such as Braille dots and text, which are often pulled off by vandals or compromised by cleaning products after installation. This revolutionary technology increases overall durability and enables signs to withstand the harshest of environmental factors. Furthermore, the Continuous Surface design with no seams means no breeding sites for bacteria, an essential factor for all public places, notably hospitals, aged care, hospitality, public transports and high traffic areas.

    BTS (Aust) also produces signs utilising the latest in ADA signage technology on our Aluminium range and specific custom Polycarbonate BTS. Signs manufactured using this technology also include the benefits of the Continuous Surface Braille signs, with added ADA Tactile Text and Graphics, which are Fully Embedded in the sign for increased resilience and strength.

    With thousands of Standard Braille Tactile Signs available, we presently have one of the world’s largest ranges of Wayfinding signs stocked and ready to ship. Our Standard Range signs can also be cost-effectively customised and, where required, a Fully Custom BTS solution can be developed and produced for you based on your exact Wayfinding requirements.