BTS (Aust) Update - January 2019

    BTS (Aust) Update - January 2019
    Welcome back for 2019!
    Even though for some of you it may already seem like a distant memory, we hope you had a truly wonderful break and would again like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for the months ahead.

    2018 was an amazing year for BTS (Aust). We added new members to our team, introduced new products to our already extensive range, and helped some awesome new and existing clients with their various Wayfinding needs.

    2019 is looking to be even bigger for us at BTS (Aust)! We’ve got even more products to add to the BTS (Aust) catalogue, plus some exciting new initiatives that you’ll hear about throughout the year. So, when you need to find the perfect Wayfinding signage solution in 2019 (and beyond), give the friendly team at BTS (Aust) a call or jump on our website. We look forward to working with you! 
    UV Stabilising and Anti-Graffiti Coating
    Are you installing Braille Tactile Signs outdoors, or in environments where elements of the environment or graffiti is of concern? Then make sure you ask for our BTS (Aust) UV Stabilising and Anti-Graffiti coating.

    Specially formulated as a 2-in-1 coating, our UV and Anti-Graffiti coating creates an additional safeguard against the potential harm from the long-term effects of extreme weather exposure, while offering additional
    anti-graffiti protection. Most importantly, BTS (Aust)’s specifically formulated coating ensures the crucial requirements for the Braille & Tactile are not compromised by a thick coating that would otherwise make the Braille message illegible.
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    Buy online, save time!
    Last year we launched the new BTS (Aust) website! With intuitive searching of our extensive BTS (Aust) Standard Range, downloadable guides for compliant installation and design, plus galleries full of BTS (Aust) signage to inspire you, we think it’s both the biggest and best Braille Tactile Sign website in the world!

    Order BTS (Aust) Standard Range Online
    Did you know that you can order the entire BTS (Aust) Standard Range straight from the website? Just head to, and in moments you could be ordering from the world’s Largest and Most Advanced range of Braille Tactile Signs from the comfort of your office or home, or even through your phone when you’re on the job site.

    So, save time and order online! 
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