Braille Tactile Signs (Aust), BTS (Aust), can offer a comprehensive range of Wayfinding Consultancy services. Our experienced team of Wayfinding Consultants utilise sound Wayfinding Principles and some of the world’s best practice analysis to ensure the delivery of theWayfinding Solutions required by your project, no matter how big or small.
    Services include the rationalisation of signage requirements of your project and the development of new sign types and technical signage manuals where BTS (Aust) can also tailor specific Wayfinding Consultancy Packages and offer a range of services both Pre- and Post-Tender.

    Smaller Projects

    General Services:

    • Floorplan Mark-ups, including BTS requirements, statutory signage, door signage and Directional / Wayfinding signage
    • Signage schedule development including sign image, code and recommended install location
    • General project compliance consultation and advice

    Bigger Projects

    Pre-Tender Services:

    • Entry statement and site branding
    • External Wayfinding and directional signage
    • External entrance identification
    • External safety signage
    • External information and map signage
    • Exterior and interior statutory signage
    • Interior Wayfinding and directional signage
    • Interior room signage
    • Interior information signage
    • Interior displays and notice boards
    • Recommendations and alterations to new or existing signage manuals
    • Recommendations in relation to compliance
    • Review and liaise with your local council in relation to planning applications and permits
    • Sign design consultation
    • Standards consultation

    Post-Tender Services:

    • Tender review and analysis
    • Tender negotiations on behalf of the client
    • Tender award and pre-implementation meetings
    • Review of shop drawings for compliance to standards. BCA and corporate style guide
    • Review of manufactured samples
    • Project management and coordination of contractor and implementation
    • Management of any queries of on-site implementation
    • Management of invoicing of contractors and approval of progress claims on behalf of the client
    • Defect reviews and sign off of completed implementation
    • Complete site review with the client for handover of completion and certify the final payment to contractors

    Terms & Conditions Apply:

    • Consultancy Services are based on BTS (Aust)'s Interpretation of Details Provided.
    • The Client is Responsible to Ensure that Sign Types, Quantities and Finish Quoted are Correct
    • BTS (Aust) Recommends Types Approved by an Access Consultant or Building Surveyor to ensure compliance and sign off.
    • BTS (Aust) Accepts no responsibility or liability for services provided. Other Standard BTS (Aust) Terms & Conditions are also applicable. See following link