BTS (Aust) - Installation Instructions

    Installation Tools:

    • Cleaning Agent
    • Pencil (to mark location of BTS on surface)
    • Lint Free Cloth (for easier application)
    • Masking Tape (for hinge)
    • Ruler / Tape Measure

    Surface Preparation:

    Before applying your BTS to any surface, the area must be cleaned using an appropriate degreaser. Be sure not to use any oil based solvents, as this will affect the adhesion of the sign to the surface.

    Once sign has made contact with the surface, the sign will be adhered. Remove any masking tape or marking and clean sign

    Installation Options:

    1) Installation - Full Backing of Adhesive

    Position your BTS as per D3.6 instructions

    STEP 1 - Apply a strip of masking tape along your chosen edge, run your nail along the edge to create a hinge. (In this example we have chosen to use the top edge of the sign)

    STEP 2 - Using your masking tape hinge, flip sign over and peel backing paper off the adhesive.

    STEP 3 - Wrap a lint free cloth around your thumb or fingers. Holding the opposite edge of the sign away from the surface, slowly begin working your way from side to side across the surface, (starting from the hinge edge) applying firm pressure with the cloth. Slightly overlap each stroke, making sure no air gets between the sign and the surface.


    2) Installation - Tabs of Adhesive Tape

    1 - Lightly mark on the surface the position of your BTS as per D3.6 instructions.

    2 - Remove backing paper off adhesive tabs and add an appropriate amount of adhesive (eg liquid nails or silicone) to back of the sign. Ensure you do not use too much glue, as it will ooze out from behind the sign.

    3 - Using your marking reference, position your BTS on the surface and apply pressure to allow tape to make contact with the surface as well as spreading the adhesive.

    The tabs of adhesive tape will hold the sign in place untill the chosen adhesive cures.

    3) Installation - No Adhesive Tape Provided

    If signs are not provided with adhesive, please ensure that appropriate adhesives are used and follow above recommended directions.