Industry’s Most Advanced BTS Technology

    BTS (Aust)’s superior sign technology, including our Continuous Surface Fully Encapsulated Polycarbonate and our Fully Embedded ADA BTS Technology, leads the industry in terms of design, performance, and reliability.

    Continuous Surface Polycarbonate - Fully Encapsulated Technology

    Our Polycarbonate signs feature the Industry’s most advanced Fully Encapsulated, Continuous Surface Braille and Tactile Technology, with no inserted ‘add-ons’ such as Braille dots and text or symbols, which are often pulled off by vandals or compromised by cleaning products after installation.

    Continuous Surface Braille and Fully Embedded ADA Tactile Technology

    Our Aluminium range and specific custom Polycarbonate BTS includes the benefits of our Continuous Surface Fully Encapsulated Braille Technology, plus ADA Tactile Text and Graphics, which are Fully Embedded in the sign for increased resilience and strength.

    Comprehensive Range

    With over 1000 sign layouts available in 10 BTS (Aust) Standard Range finishes, including 7 Polycarbonate and 3 Aluminium finishes, we have numerous options available. Perfect for finishing off your job in a hurry.

    IN STOCK - Ready to SHIP TODAY

    With one of the world’s largest ranges of Braille Wayfinding signs in stock, our comprehensive BTS (Aust) Standard Range is ready to ship so you can quickly finish your job.

    Encapsulated Colours

    All colours on all BTS (Aust) Signs are applied to the reverse of a clear polycarbonate membrane. This encapsulates them behind the product. Eg: No colours or graphics are applied to the face that can be scratched or washed off.*

    Fully Custom Braille Tactile Signs

    Develop a completely custom wayfinding solution to your exact specifications. Our experienced design team is ready to bring your wayfinding solution from concept to reality. Recommended & Specified by Vision Australia, Government Bodies & all facets of the Building, Construction & Architectural Industries.

    Fully Compliant with Standards and Codes

    BTS (Aust) Products are designed to comply with various Australian and International Standard and Codes including: ► BCA 2011 Volume One Section D 3.6 of the Building Code of Australia ► Australian Standards 1428.1-2009 and Amendment No 1 2010 ► Disability (Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards 2010 ► Dubai Universal Design Code 2017 Version 3.

    Hygienic, germ resistant and easy to clean

    The BTS (Aust) Pressed Continuous Surface Technology is hygienically clean and durable, suitable and recommended for all Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and High Traffic Public Places where hygiene is of critical importance.

    Customise the BTS (Aust) Standard Range

    Customise our standard range with endless options including Colour, Design, Size, Shape & Image possibilities. Your perfect economic solution for when you need something a little more specific to suit your individual requirements, without the price tag of a custom sign.

    Knowledge & dependability customer service

    An experienced, local team of experts is ready to help and guide you through what signs are required to ensure you are compliant with current standard and codes.

    Highly recommended & actively influencing standards and codes

    Recommended & Specified by Vision Australia, Government Bodies & all facets of the Building, Construction & Architectural Industries. Active influential member of Standards Australia Subcommittee ME-064-02 - Access for people with Disabilities - Wayfinding.