BTS (Aust) Hand Rail Buttons


    BTS (Aust) Hand Rail Buttons

    Braille Tactile Sign Wayfinding Technology is not limited to only traditional amenities and facility signs, but also offers a comprehensive range of Standard Range or Fully Custom Handrail Buttons, perfect for improving building accessibility where Handrails are present.


    Why do you need Hand Rail Buttons?


      • Are you about to ascend or descend a set of stairs, or is it a ramp?


        Where is the consultant or facility you to need to find and get to?


        What is the room number for your meeting or lecture?


        What level are you on and where is the floor you need to access?


        These are just a few of the questions people who are blind or have low vision ask themselves every day when accessing facilities. Braille added to handrail buttons and strips, room and lift numbers assist people with limited vision to find their way in a safe manner. BTS (Aust)’s comprehensive range of Handrail Button Solutions ensure that people with visual impairments can use the stairs, ramps and other pathways with greater confidence.


    BTS (Aust) Stainless-Steel Handrail Buttons 

    Weight   0.010000 kg
    Collar O/D     


    Collar Thickness  





    Stainless Steel

    Fixings Included  




    Pin Length  


    Pin O/D  








        BTS (Aust) Braille Handrail Buttons Features & Benefits:

        ► Strong Aluminium Construction, suitable for indoor outdoor applications

        ► Supplied pre-rolled to fit most Standard Handrail Sizes

        ► Large range of BTS (Aust) Standard Range Handrail Buttons, plus the ability to locally develop a custom Handrail button solution

        ► Superior Continuous Surface, Fully Encapsulated Braille and Tactile Technology

        ► Vandal, fire, bacteria, graffiti & UV resistant

        ► Flexible membrane that can contour itself to curved surfaces i.e. columns & systems

        ► Cost effective, lightweight and easy to install

        ► Fully compliant with relevant Building Codes and Standards.