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    PTV / Metlink – Bus Timetable / ID Project

    PTV / Metlink – Bus Timetable / ID Project

    Project Background:

    Buses in Victoria Australia are a major form of Public Transport for Victorians, with an extensive bus network covering most of the state. There are approximately 346 routes in operation, with a varying range of service frequencies, including Night Network. These are operated by 32 privately owned bus companies under franchise from the State Government of Victoria.

    With millions of commuters using Melbourne’s Bus network every year, Metlink, now Public Transport Victoria (PTV), needed a Full Braille and Tactile Timetable and ID Solution to improve accessibility for blind or vision impaired travellers on their ever-growing network.

    Following months of planning and scoping, it was determined that a Braille Tactile Timetable and ID Plate sign solution was required to improve accessibility on thousands of bus stops across both metro and regional Victoria.


    Project Requirements:

    Braille and Tactile messages included a generic timetable, with unique ID number. These elements needed to work with planned unit housing, as well as other surface mounted deployment requirements planned for the Timetable roll out.

    The Braille Tactile Timetables and ID Plate signs needed to be designed for the rigors of high traffic outdoor areas, which are prone to vandal risk. With vandalism costing PTV thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements yearly, deploying signage that was resistant to vandalism was a must. With no ‘add-ons’ stuck to the face of the signs that can be easily picked off, BTS (Aust)’s Industry Leading Continuous Surface Fully Encapsulated Polycarbonate technology was the ideal solution for maintaining the condition of bus stop signage.

    Another consideration was Melbourne’s infamous weather challenges. Signage needed to be able to withstand relentless Melbourne heatwaves during the summer months.  For this reason BTS (Aust) chose to apply additional UV protective coatings to their signs making then suitable for the toughest of outdoor applications.


    BTS (Aust) Solution and Outcome

    Working closely with Metlink, now PTV, and various other stakeholders in the State Government of Victoria, BTS (Aust) developed a Fully Custom Continuous Surface Braille Tactile Timetable and ID sign solution for PTV. Each custom sign was designed with a generic timetable, but with a unique number. BTS (Aust) setup tools for PTV’s signs along with “Type Set” style tiles for the unique ID requirements of the project.  A unique ID crosschecking failsafe process was also developed and implemented by BTS (Aust) to ensure all ID’s deployed were correct. 

    BTS (Aust) continues to supply Braille Tactile Timetable and ID Plates for their ever-expanding bus station network. Over 26,000 + shipped and installed to date with zero issues!




    PTV / Metlink – Bus Timetables Project
    Material: 0.5mm Polycarbonate

    Superior Flexible Continuous Surface, Encapsulated Polycarbonate Membrane

    Continuous Surface Braille & Tactile. Housings supplied by PTV

    Sign Backing:  3mm Aluminium Backing
    Coating: UV and Anti-Graffiti Stabilised Coating
    Edges: Edges of Sign Finished in Sign Face Colour
    Qty: Over 26,000 to date!