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    Industry's Most Advanced Technology

    Industry's Most Advanced Technology


    Continuous Surface Wayfinding Technology for Braille Tactile Signs


    BTS (Aust) are industry leaders in Continuous Surface Braille & Tactile Wayfinding Technology. Our team of engineers and signage specialists have worked tirelessly to develop what is known today as the Industry's Most Advanced Braille & Tactile Wayfinding Technology. 


    With formed Braille and all graphics and colours protected behind a clear Continuous Surface Polycarbonate Membrane, these signs are designed to outperform all other products on the market.


    Signs manufactured using this process are deployed both locally and around the world, thanks to their ability to withstand difficult environmental factors such as volatile weather conditions, vandals, graffiti and harsh cleaning products.


    With no ‘add-ons’ stuck to the face of the sign that can be easily picked off, all Continuous Surface Braille and Tactile Signs produced by BTS (Aust) are ideally suited for high traffic environments such as schools, universities, transport, hotels, restaurants, and retail applications. They are also paramount for deployment in medical applications, due to the Continuous Surface Technology, which reduces the likelihood of bacterial growth around any grooves and gaps characteristic of individually added-on Tactile Text, Braille, and Symbols.


    Clients can choose from the world’s largest Standard Range of BTS, available in stock in both ‘White on Blue’ and ‘Black on Silver’ for your convenience. These can also be customised in any colour and with a wide variety of other customisation options to suit your requirements.



    For places where Fully Custom signs are required, BTS (Aust) will work with you from start to finish to ensure your product matches your finish specifications and complies with all current Standards & Codes.



    Continuous Surface Braille & Tactile features:

    ► Heavy Duty, Weather Resistant design, suitable for indoor &

         outdoor applications

    ► Superior Continuous Surface, Fully Encapsulated Braille and Tactile Technology

    ► Vandal, fire, bacteria, graffiti & UV resistant

    ► Flexible membrane that can contour itself to curved surfaces i.e. columns & systems

    ► Colour match to any colour - PMS, Dulux etc.

    ► Cost effective, lightweight and easy to install

    ► Fully compliant with relevant Building Codes and Standards.










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