BTS (Aust) Update - October 2018

    BTS (Aust) Update - October 2018
    BTS (Aust) Wayfinding Consultancy -  A helping hand when you need it! 
    Identifying the right statutory signage solution for any building straight from the plans can be as difficult as it is important. Next time you're given a plan and are not quite sure what's required, Let 'Your Wayfinding Specialists' at BTS (Aust) point you in the right direction.

    BTS (Aust)'s Wayfinding Consultants can assist you in making the correct design decisions for implementing a Wayfinding Solution from start to finish, on projects big or small. To find out more about BTS (Aust)’s Wayfinding Consultancy services follow the link below.
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    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) - Custom to match BTS (Aust) Standard Range
    Need a Fully Custom sign in a hurry? Want to avoid a lengthy and often costly design process and ensure your Fully Custom sign designs are compliant?

    Why not let BTS (Aust)’s expert Art Department design a Fully Custom Braille Sign Solution based on our BTS (Aust) Standard Range. This means producing a Fully Custom sign, utilising the BTS (Aust) Standard Range Tactile text & Symbols. Using this option saves you time in the design stage and importantly helps ensure your designs are compliant.*

    Check out these Fully Custom sign examples that were recently supplied to TAFE Connected Learning Centres; utilising the BTS (Aust) Standard Range Tactile Text & Symbols!

    *BTS (Aust) recommend having all layouts approved by an Access Consultant or Building Surveyor.
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    Industry's Most Advanced Technology 
    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) has pioneered the industry’s MOST ADVANCED BTS technology. Take our Continuous Surface Fully Encapsulated Polycarbonate signage for example. With no ‘add-ons’ stuck to the face of the sign that can be easily picked off, Continuous Surface Braille and Tactile Signs produced by BTS (Aust) are ideally suited for high traffic environments such as schools, universities, transport, hotels, restaurants, and retail applications.

    To read about BTS (Aust)’s Industry's Most Advanced Continuous Surface Fully Encapsulated Polycarbonate technology, follow the link below.
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