BTS (Aust) Update - May 2018

    BTS (Aust) Update - May 2018
    Welcome to our May 2018 E-Newsletter!  
    In this issue, we are talking about Fully Custom Braille Tactile Signs and our consultative approach. We are also giving you a useful tool to help understand and communicate the difference between accessible LH / RH and Ambulant Toilets. 

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    Nicole Inverno
    Office Manager / Sales 

    Yes - we can help! 
    Fully Custom Braille Tactile Signs can be daunting.
    Is my design compliant? What material will match best? Is what I'm designing actually achievable from a manufacturing perspective?

    These are just some of the questions we help our clients answer in order to take initial concepts through from the design stage to final product. Our unique approach to Fully Custom Braille Tactile Signage takes on a consultative approach, where we work closely with you and guide you through the process, helping you select the best Braille Tactile Signage Technology to make your concept come to life.

    If you would like to know more, click the button below and send us some details on your custom Braille Tactile Sign requirements and we will get straight back to you.
    Please help with my Fully Custom Braille Tactile Signs
    Understanding Accessible LH / RH and Ambulant toilets can seem difficult - but it's actually quite easy. To help explain the important differences of each and what's required as far as Braille Tactile Signs, we have put together an easy to use guide, which we encourage you to download and share.  

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