Glow In The Dark Signs

    Photoluminescent Signs / Glow In The Dark BTS 

    Navigating in the dark during an emergency has never been easier with our Photoluminescent signs.
    Identifying exits during an emergency can be very challenging when power is lost or visibility is impacted due to smoke.
    Our glow in the dark wayfinding signs are perfect for any location and provide clear visibility as a failsafe, to assist in the safe passage to emergency exits during a power outage.

    How Does Is Work?

    Photoluminescence is the emission of light from any form of matter after the absorption of photons from light sources around the matter. The sign absorbs light from its surrounding and when that light source is removed, it immediately releases its own light.


    Easy to install with no need to batteries or wiring for electricity. 

    Can It Be Customised?

    Yes! Glow in the dark is available on the entire BTS (Aust) Standard Range as well as Fully Custom BTS. All signs feature White Tactile graphics.

    Contact our Wayfinding Specialists to ask about Glow Times or obtain a quote for Glow in the Dark Braille Tactile Signs.

     Glow In the Dark Signs - Photoluminescent Sign - Emergency Exits - Braille Tactile Signs (Aust)


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