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    BTS (Aust) Update - July 2018

    BTS (Aust) Update - July 2018
    The Worlds Largest Braille Tactile Sign Website is here! 
    We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our NEW BTS (Aust) Website! We know, we took our time on this one, but if there is one thing that is at the core of BTS (Aust) beliefs, it's ensuring that if we're doing something, let's make sure we lead the industry and do it properly! 
    Hassle free online ordering & pricing, save quote to PDF functionality, easy searching, full sign type specifications and comprehensive galleries are just some of the many additions our new website has to offer. Our new site also features nearly all of our 10,000+ BTS (Aust) Standard Range Signs, making it the WORLDS LARGEST Online Stores for Braille Tactile Signs!....that is forever growing!

    Be sure to check it out today for all your Braille Tactile Sign and Wayfinding Product and Service needs.

    More to come 
    Over the coming months, we will continue to develop and enhance the website, ironing out any bugs and adding new features and functions, so stay tuned for more developments! Also, feel free to notify us of anything you think we need to fix or enhance.

    Upholding our reputation for service and quality!


    Peter Lorenc
    Marketing Manager
    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust)
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    Understanding Australian Sign Standards and BTS (Aust) Product
    Are you working on a Fully Custom Braille Tactile Sign design, or want some general guidelines to help make sure your Braille Tactile Signs are compliant? Well we are here to help and have put together the following flyer to help you understand the various design requirements of BTS. 

    Understanding Accessible LH / RH and
    Ambulant toilets

    Understanding Accessible LH / RH and Ambulant toilets can seem difficult - but it's actually quite easy. To help explain the important differences of each and what's required as far as Braille Tactile Signs, we have put together an easy to use guide, which we encourage you to download and share.