BTS (Aust) Update - August 2018

    BTS (Aust) Update - August 2018

    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) - New All Gender Range
    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust), BTS (Aust), is proud to announce the arrival of our new 2018 'All Gender' Braille Tactile Sign Range.

    While not referred to in the current Standards & Codes and with no consensus on best design & practice, 'All Gender' signage can significantly benefit all users helping to promote inclusiveness for people of all gender identities; groups who identify themselves as any identity outside the boundaries of male/female.  

    Select from our extensive Standard Range designs or design to suit your requirements.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Claudia Z Gatt

    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust)
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    Inferior Quality Braille Signs - You get what you Pay for!
    It is important to note that not all Braille and Tactile Wayfinding signs are the same. The industry is full of manufacturers who use inferior production methods and materials. This ultimately results in poor quality Braille and Tactile Wayfinding products entering the market at seemingly lower prices. 

    By choosing quality manufacturers of Braille Tactile Wayfinding Products like Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) you are choosing fully compliant trusted products which you only have to install once.
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    New BTS (Aust) Training 
    Have you checked out BTS (Aust)'s new website yet? We've tried to make it as user-friendly as possible, but just in case you're having some problems with navigating or ordering, we've made a short tutorial video highlighting some handy features that hopefully will be helpful. 
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    ACAA Bronze Membership
    Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) are excited to announce membership with the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA). ACAA is the peak national body for access consultancy in Australia and a major partner in advancing the accessibility of built environments for people with a disability.
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